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psYchobass is a plug-in designed to produce heavy hitting bass, ideal for adding some psycho-acoustic beef to kick drums, bass, or anything that rumbles... Made for Mac. Universal Binary.Audio Units.
psYchobass Public Beta! Download Now!
[ Mac OS X 10.4 or higher | x86 | PPC | 32bit | 64bit | Universal ] [ zip 217kb ]

Issues Still to Come Hosts
  • Frequency Link slider needs work
  • "Thru" filter sometimes jumps to mouse
  • Q and Bandwidth enable state is inconsistent sometimes
  • I don't like the Gain sliders

  • Improved UI
  • Filter Power Recovery
  • Dynamics Processing??
  • Logic 8, 9
  • AULab
  • Ableton Live
  • ProTools 9
Kick Drum Samples
Unprocessed kick, followed by processed.


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