yano signal processing
plug-ins:psYchobass | multiband panner | a+/-b analysis tool
pedals:phase 100 | bazz fuss
papers:compressor effect study
projects:mixer | reference | opamp calculator

i am yano.
i am the owner/coder/manager of wasteonline.

more importantly, i am a bassist. my influences include nine inch nails, tool, primus, radiohead, rhcp, and a bunch of stuff i can't remember.

currently, i am the bassist for melithequin's bling.
in the past, i have laid basslines for the quadratics and somatose and appeared as a guest bassist for wasteminster abbey and broke.

i am a producer of music, and a recording engineer.
i do soldering and coding.

2006-2008 yano@wasteonline.net