yano signal processing
A+/-B Analysis Tool
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pedals:phase 100 | bazz fuss
papers:compressor effect study
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screen shot

This is a DSP plugin for Winamp 2.x and up that allows you to perform A+B and A-B transformations in real time. The installer will take care of everything for you.

The source code is written in C. The DSP code that might interest those of you who aren't much for coding, is at the bottom of the main.cpp file. It should be easily compiled with any C/C++ compiler, with the Win32 API libraries installed, that supports compiling DLLs.

As you can see from the screen shot, operation is straight forward. Select the operation, and select the ouput channels. Notice if you select bypass, no processing is done at all, so the output channel setting is ignored.

2006 Kevin Dixon kevin.c.dixon@gmail.com

  • Output options do nothing when in bypass mode
  • Only works in stereo (obviously)
  • When changing a control, takes ~128 samples to change